Before & After Using Canada Black Mask

What is in the black mask?

All of the ingredients in the black mask aid in penetrating deep beneath skin pores to extract blackheads, remove dead skin and leave the skin visibly cleaner. The mask contains water, polyvinyl alcohol, collagen, and Maris Limus. Water is necessary for all healthy skin as well. Polyvinyl alcohol is water-soluble, which allows the mask to rinse away with just water. This ingredient is safe for use on sensitive or irritated skin and is used in surgical operations. The mask contains collagen something already in your skin, thus, this helps keeping your skin plump, smooth, and wrinkle-free. Users of the mask have reported feeling softer, tighter skin, as well as a reduced appearance of pores. Maris limus or mud from the dead sea is our key ingredient, itĀ has been used to treat skin conditions for thousands of years.

How does the black mask work?

Upon applying the medicated formula from the packet to your face, the product will begin to exfoliate deep within the skin’s pores drawing out any toxins into the mask. After drying for 30 minutes, the mask will have hardened and latched onto dead skin, oil buildup, and blackheads. Upon pealing off the mask, you will be able to visibly see the dirt and impurities which have been removed from your face.

Why Mud from the Dead Sea?

The effectiveness of dead sea mud can be credited to high levels of 21 minerals including boron, calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, all of which are gifts to treating damaged skin. The mud is filled with activated carbon, which is excellent at absorbing toxins from the skin. It is rutinely used in hospitalĀ settings to absord toxins and drugs for cases of overdose and works just as well drawing out toxins from your skin. The Black Mask is truly the ultimate blackhead remover.

How to Use Our Blackhead Remover

1. Open the Pores

First, cleanse your face with warm water for 1-3 minutes. For optimal results take a steamy shower, or steam your pores directly before applying the black mask.

2. Apply the Mask

Furthermore, apply one layer of the Black Mask on the areas of your face which are prone to blackheads e.g. typically the forehead, nose, and chin. If you apply the mask too thick, it will take longer to dry and if you apply the mask too thin, you will find that blackheads will not stick properly to the mask. Remember, practice makes perfect!

3. Wait then peel for Satisfaction

Lastly, wait for 15-30 minutes depending on the thickness of the mask. You will know the mask is ready to be peeled off when it has hardened completely. Pro-tip: When you are ready to peel off the mask, begin lifting an edge of the mask by gently running your fingernail on the seam where the mask meets your skin also ensure the mask is peeled off slowly to prevent any tearing. Finally, peel away those blackheads and rinse your face with your favorite cleanser and cold water. Apply moisturizer if necessary.

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