About Us

Black Mask Canada is a company trying to rid North America of blackheads one mask at a time. Our Black Mask is %100 effective at removing dirt and oil from your pores while also taking off dead skin. It also includes a support matrix with vital minerals and nutrients to leave your skin plump and rejuvenated. This leaves your face smoother and cleaner than before ensuring maximal effectiveness of the black mask.


Black Mask Canada is devoted to making sure its customers recieve the best deal possible for the best product. The more packets one orders the more savings per packet. Our products are priced much better than our cometitors when comparing price/g of material. As well, our product comes in convenient packets! Please try our black mask here. If you have any questions please check out our FAQ page, connect with us via one of our social media oulets to the right, or contact us at sales@blackmask.ca.

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Do you have a large social media following and love free products amongst other benefits? Black Mask Canada is currently searching for people with a large social media audience to becmoe our official sponsors. If you like to review and showcase beauty and cosmetic products please, contact us through any of our social media outlets below or reach us at sales@blackmask.ca.